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Hot Holiday Toys Include Justin Bieber Silly Bandz And Nerf Stampede

Hot Holiday Toys Include Justin Bieber Silly Bandz And Nerf Stampede

Hot Holiday Toys Include Justin Bieber Silly Bandz And Nerf Stampede - Image by Alice Harold via Flickr

Holiday shoppers are getting an early start this year as Google (GOOG) Insight starts showing the trends that online searchers are already inputting. Google, known for its wealth of information when it comes to popular search terms, has already started to show signs of the most popular toys for Christmas 2010 a full 14 weeks before Santa even takes flight.

Last year, Google was one of the earliest entities to predict the amazing popularity of Zhu Zhu pets. These little furry mechanical pet hamsters were a big hit during the 2009 holiday selling season. In fact, many stores sold out of the toy which caused a spike in prices from online auction sites.

One mega popular toy this Christmas season will likely be Hasbro’s (HAS) Nerf Stampede. Sales of this toy are up more than 1,700% over the past 30 days. The company showcased the Nerf-N-Strike Stampede Blaster earlier this month since it is the newest in the company’s line of dart blasters.

Not to be outdone, toy company Mattel (MAT) has seen sales double since July on its Sing-a-Ma-Jigs. This toy is actually a set of four small, colorful plush toys which sings when their tummies are pressed. They can even harmonize their voices when pressed all at the same time.

Any American parent has probably heard of another hugely popular toy this year and those are called Silly Bandz. These have become a huge craze among kids and are probably going to be a hot seller during this holiday shopping season. These rubber bracelets are shaped like a myriad of different things from animals to people. Some kids own hundreds of them. One popular version this year will be the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz collection.

Collectible items, as always, are popular this year as well. Thing like the Japanese erasers called Iwako are on the upswing in Google Insight as well.

Balance bikes also top the list as they bumped up 50% in the last 90 days. These are wooden bikes that are used as training aids for kids.

Of course, adults have their own versions of toys too. Some gift buyers are already scoping out the “Otterbox” brand of cases for the iPhone 4. That search has had an increase of about 5,000% in the last 90 days while iPhone searches have also gone up about 1,150% during the same time period.

Some stores are preparing for the bargain seeking buyers by making their stories Wi-Fi ready this season. Wal-Mart (WMT) is among the stores doing this to enable shoppers to look up prices on their wireless devices as well as searching out coupons online. Sites like Amazon also have their own list of movers and shakers.

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