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New story of bin Laden death

  • Esquire published interview with ex-Navy SEAL that states he shot bin Laden
  • Peter Bergen: His account differs from another SEAL whom wrote bestseller “No Simple Day”
  • He states “the Shooter” gave an account which matches bodily evidence found on the scene
  • Shooter left military before he became qualified for pension

Editor’s note: Peter Bergen is CNN’s nationwide protection analyst, the writer of “Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin Laden — From 9/11 to Abbottabad,” along with a director at the New America Foundation.

(CNN) — On Monday Esquire magazine published a huge profile of the Navy SEAL that claims he shot Osama bin Laden.

Weighing inside at certain 15,000 words, the story refuses to identify the killer of al Qaeda’s leader by his real name plus pertains to him just because “the Shooter.”

Clearly the Shooter desired to keep anything of the code of silence which is pervasive amidst the covert warriors of SEAL Team 6, the device which installed the bin Laden surgery.

Peter Bergen

What do you understand within the Shooter’s story? Many critically which the Shooter claims he killed bin Laden with 2 shots at close range because he stood inside his 3rd floor bedroom inside the substance inside Abbottabad, Pakistan, where he had been hiding for over five years.

This account differs inside a important regard within the book “No Simple Day” by Mark Owen, a SEAL whom moreover was found on the bin Laden raid. (Mark Owen is a pseudonym; he was swiftly revealed to be Matt Bissonnette.)

In “No Simple Day,” a runaway bestseller which has stayed found on the NY Times bestseller list for the previous 22 weeks, Bissonnette writes which the SEALs were 15 minutes into the Abbottabad mission whenever the point guy spotted a guy poking his head from a 3rd floor bedroom.

He wrote which the point guy shot at the mysterious guy, plus whenever the SEALs went inside the 3rd floor bedroom they found him sleeping found on the floor inside his death throes. Bissonnette plus another SEAL rapidly completed him off with many more rounds.

The dead guy was bin Laden.

‘Nightmare’ at house for SEAL that shot Osama bin Laden

It’s a a lot less heroic story than which of the Shooter, that claims he encountered bin Laden face-to-face inside the bedroom. The Shooter claims he saw which bin Laden’s weapon was inside simple reach, plus it was just then which he fired the shots which killed him.

The Shooter’s adaptation of bin Laden’s death matches carefully the accounts by reporters that have created many authoritatively regarding it.

It moreover matches what I saw whenever I was truly the only outside observer enabled inside the Abbottabad substance before it was demolished inside late February 2012.

Accompanied by Pakistani military officers, I examined the bedroom where bin Laden died. The officers showed me a big patch of dark, congealed blood found on the low ceiling.

It is consistent with all the Shooter’s account of firing 2 rounds at the head of the “amazingly tall terrorist” when he was standing up. This evidence seems to undercut Bissonnette’s variation of bin Laden’s death.

That mentioned, it really is value noting which the evening of bin Laden’s death had been a really perplexing 1.

As shortly because the surgery inside Abbottabad had started among the 2 Black Hawk helicopters crashed. There had been a short however, intense firefight with Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, bin Laden’s courier. The SEALs furthermore shot plus killed the courier’s brother, sister-in-law plus bin Laden’s son Khalid.

All this took spot inside lower than 15 minutes about a evening whenever there was clearly no moon as well as the electricity inside the substance plus surrounding neighborhood had been turned off. The SEALs were wearing evening vision goggles which bathed the substance inside a murky, pixilated glow.

It had been a perplexing condition, plus which assists explain why Bissonnette’s account differs from which of the Shooter.

In truth, Bissonnette’s account almost eliminates what the Esquire profile asserts is the Shooter’s “central character inside bin Laden’s death.”

Navy Seals: A battle for the conscience

“I don’t learn why he’d do which,” the Shooter told Esquire.

We keep understanding a lot more about the look for as well as the death of Osama bin Laden, yet it is very a complex story, plus, inside well-known with countless significant historic occasions, the full details takes years to emerge.

The Shooter’s account inside Esquire is significant to aid you recognize what occurred which evening, because is Bissonnette’s account.

A advantageous deal of the Esquire part concerns the Shooter’s worries regarding his future today which he has left the military.

“When he leaves following sixteen years inside the Navy, his body filled with scar tissue, arthritis, tendonitis, eye damage, plus blown disks, here is what he gets from his company along with a grateful nation: Nothing. No pension, no healthcare, plus no security for himself or his family.”

In truth, almost any veteran that leaves before 20 years of service is not going to be qualified for a pension.

So could the Shooter be treated any differently? Indeed, could additional members of key Special Operations units like SEAL Team 6 or the Army’s Delta Force that have been at war virtually constantly because the 9/11 attacks be provided better advantages provided the inordinate amount of fight they have enjoyed?

It’s an idea which can be value exploring for those that have enjoyed extensive fight, nevertheless the truth is the fact that when you begin creating these exceptions, the floodgates may open. After over a decade of war, several veterans inside traditional military units might equally qualify for these preferential treatment.

In a time of budget crisis plus big cuts at the Pentagon it really is difficult to create these a case. After all, how about the thousands of Marines whom have additionally been fighting for years inside tough places like Anbar inside western Iraq plus Helmand inside southern Afghanistan? Should they receive a cushy early retirement deal, too?

If the Shooter had desired to receive the full advantages which follow 20 years of service he had a choice: Stay inside for another 4 years to qualify for the pension he clearly deserves.

It’s a choice he didn’t create.

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