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Time to regard Chavez’s merits?

One Venezuelan official states the reforms enacted inside Hugo Chavez's 14-year tenure need regard.
One Venezuelan official states the reforms enacted inside Hugo Chavez’s 14-year tenure need regard.

Editor’s note: Samuel Moncada has been the Ambassador of Venezuela to the UK because 2007 plus holds a PhD inside Modern History from Oxford University. He is only responsible for the content of the analysis.

(CNN) — Reading the global hit, 1 will be forgiven for thinking which Venezuela is found on the verge of collapse.

Over the previous decade, all kinds of forecasts have been created, ranging from catastrophic election defeats to the implosion of the Venezuelan economy. However the truth these forecasts have failed to materialize has not deterred several of Venezuela’s many fervent critics inside their quest to engineer a continual plus misleading narrative of impending catastrophe.

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The fact is the fact that since that time President Hugo Chavez was initially elected, Venezuela has defied these bad forecasts plus brought unprecedented social progress to the nation over the last 14 years. Since 2004 poverty has been reduced by half plus extreme poverty has been cut by 70%. University enrolment has doubled, entitlement to public pensions has tripled, plus access to healthcare plus all degrees of knowledge have been dramatically extended.

Venezuela today has the lowest degrees of financial inequality of any Latin American nation because calculated by the Gini coefficient. Our nation has absolutely attained most Millennium Development Goals, plus is perfectly about target to achieve all 8 by the 2015 deadline.

This progress has been attained by utilizing Venezuela’s massive oil profits to transform the lives of average folks. The sheer scale of the oil reserves — the world’s largest — guarantees the complete sustainability of the model inside that the country’s resources are utilized to stimulate development inside the economy plus help development.

But Chavez’s biggest achievement has been to trigger the awakening plus empowerment of most. A most of Venezuelans have watched massive improvements inside their living specifications plus, because a result, they have continued to protect their interests at the ballot box.

The Venezuelan folks are really well-defined regarding what they wish. President Chavez was re-elected inside October 2012 with 54% of the vote inside an election which boasted an 81% turnout. The Venezuelan individuals showed their help for the government again inside December 2012 inside the gubernatorial elections, that saw Chavez’s political party win 20 from 23 states.

Governments inside Europe plus alternative components of the globe can just think of these degrees of help following 14 years inside force. This shows which social progress inside Venezuela has been consolidated plus which there is a want to further expand this progress.

In the coming years, the Venezuelan government usually continue to reply to the demands of the Venezuelan folks. Hundreds of thousands of brand-new homes have been built over the last 2 years that have not merely greatly improved living specifications and offered jobs plus contributed to a boom inside the construction industry. The government is perfectly about its method to meeting its target of building 3 million fresh homes by 2019.

While numerous economies all over the world are shrinking, the Venezuelan economy grew by 5.5% inside 2012. Against the backdrop of the continuing global financial crisis, commerce inside Venezuela grew by 9.2% plus communications by 7.2%, production grew by 2.1% as well as the oil sector grew by 1.4% — generating Venezuela among the quickest growing economies inside Latin America.

At a time whenever several nations are attacking the rights quite vulnerable fields of society, Venezuela is providing ever better security for low-income senior residents plus single-parent families with young youngsters or disabled dependents.

The failed development models of past governments condemned millions of Venezuelans to poverty. Before the election of Chavez inside 1998, Venezuela suffered years of dropping GDP. The nation had among the worst financial records inside the planet — a record which led to mass social unrest plus violent military crackdowns.

Venezuela might continue about its path of social progress plus empowering average residents. The largest hope for the future is the persons recognize which they alone hold the force to determine the way the nation takes.

After a lot of failed forecasts, isn’t it time to regard Venezuela’s democracy as well as the will of the persons?

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