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Where is help for Syria going?

    • The U.S. ambassador to Syria claims the U.S. has offered $ 210 million inside humanitarian aid
    • The assistance has to be discrete, he mentioned, to safeguard employees from being targeted
    • Washington has equally offered $ 35 million value of assistance to Syria’s political opposition
    • Ambassador: We may assist, nevertheless it’s as much as Syrians to obtain their means forward

(CNN) — It has been over a year because the United States government withdrew its ambassador to Syria plus shut its embassy inside Damascus.

On Thursday, which ambassador returned to the area and a U.S. delegation, touring a Syrian refugee camp inside Turkey to bring more attention to the growing humanitarian crisis. As the civil war has intensified inside Syria, hundreds of thousands of individuals have desired refuge inside Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan plus additional neighboring nations.

Ambassador Robert Ford gave an exclusive interview to CNN’s Ivan Watson plus described what the U.S. is doing to aid the refugees as well as the Syrian opposition.

Ivan Watson: The U.S. has provided $ 210 million inside aid (to Syria), however I think which there is a perception issue considering nobody may really point at what which aid is. So persons conclude there is not a aid.

Robert Ford: The assistance is going inside. It’s items like tents, it’s factors like blankets, it’s details like healthcare equipment, yet it doesn’t come inside big boxes with an American flag about it considering you don’t wish the individuals that are delivering it to be targeted by the Syrian regime.

The regime is going following plus eliminating individuals that are delivering supplies. We see them bombing even bakeries plus bread lines. So we’re doing which, inside piece, to be discrete.

The assistance is going inside … yet it doesn’t come inside big boxes with an American flag about it.
Robert Ford, U.S. ambassador to Syria

The demands are gigantic. So besides the fact that a lot of American contents plus additional countries’ components are arriving, the requires continue to be better. And that’s why we’re going to Kuwait to speak to the United Nations plus to speak to alternative nations regarding how you may speak together to offer extra assistance.

Watson: The head of the Syrian National Coalition, that the U.S. government has backed, came out with a statement quite important of the global community, suggesting you require $ 3 billion if you would like you to have any state about occasions found on the ground inside Syria. Where is the fact that cash?

Ford: (Sheikh Ahmed) Moaz al-Khatib is a wise leader, plus you think very of him plus you have known his (coalition) because the legitimate representative of the Syrian persons. And, naturally, he would like to receive because several resources because potential due to the humanitarian conditions which I was only chatting regarding. Especially the ones inside Syria.

But you moreover, simultaneously, need to build up those (aid) networks I was speaking regarding. In some cases, they begin with simply a some individuals. We don’t want only a limited persons, you want hundreds of individuals, thousands of individuals found on the inside Syria organized to bring these details inside.

And thus step-by-step, the Syrians, Moaz al-Khatib plus his company, should build which capability. We can assist build it, you could do training plus aspects that way. But inside the finish, Syrians need to take a leadership part inside this.

Watson: Is Washington offering funds to the Syrian National Coalition?

Ford: We completely are helping the (coalition), with everything from training to, inside certain situations, limited amount of cash assistance to purchase everything ranging from computers to phones to radios.

New help for Syrian rebels?

CNN manufacturer visits refugee camps

Syrian refugees reside inside cold, wind, rain

Frankly, when not for the American assistance quite often, the activists inside Syria wouldn’t be inside contact with all the outside globe. It’s American aid which keeps them inside contact with all the outside planet.

Watson: However, how much assistance has this coalition gotten within the U.S.?

Ford: So far, we’ve allocated straight to the coalition inside the neighborhood of $ 35 million value of different types of equipment plus assistance. And over the upcoming some weeks, couple of months, we’ll possibly supply another $ 15 million value of information assistance.

Watson: Washington newly blacklisted Jabhat al-Nusra, the Nusra Front, phoning it a terrorist business despite that inside Syria, it has attracted a great deal of regard for the victories as well as for comparative deficiency of corruption compared to numerous rebel groups. How has blacklisting the Nusra Front helped the Syrian opposition?

Ford: We blacklisted the Nusra Front as a result of its intimate hyperlinks with al Qaeda inside Iraq, an company with who you have direct experience, that is responsible for the killings of thousands of Iraqis, hundreds of Americans. We understand what al Qaeda inside Iraq did plus continues to be doing, plus you don’t desire it to commence doing which inside Syria — that is why you highlighted its extremely pernicious character.

I think among the elements which the category of Nusra because a terrorist group did is it set off an alert for the additional ingredients of the Free Syrian Army. There had been a meeting of the Free Syrian Army to set up a unified control, (and) Nusra Front wasn’t because meeting — that you think is the appropriate thing to do. As Syrians themselves recognize which Nusra has a sectarian schedule, because they recognize better which Nusra is anti-democratic plus might find to impose its truly strict interpretation of Islam about Syria — that historically is a fairly moderate nation inside terms of its religious practices — because Syrians recognize which better, I think they might more plus more refuse the Nusra Front itself.

Watson: However I’ve enjoyed the opposite. As I go into Syria, I hear more plus more help plus regard for the Nusra Front, plus more plus more criticism for the U.S. government every time I return.

Ford: I think which individuals, Ivan, continue to be learning what Nusra is. I know criticism within the Nusra Front from persons like Moaz al-Khatib that, inside Marrakesh (Morocco) inside his speech, mentioned he denied the type of ideology that backs up Nusra. … We know that within the senior commander of the Free Syrian Army too. So the more folks recognize inside Syria what Nusra is plus represents, I think they might agree which is not the group about that to rely for versatility inside Syria.

Watson: Do we think the U.S. government may have completed more?

Ford: I think the Syrians, because I mentioned, are the ones whom usually bring the answer to the condition — merely because inside Iraq, Iraqis brought the answer to the Iraq crisis, to the Iraq war. The Americans could enable, plus you helped inside Iraq, however eventually it wasn’t the Americans. Despite the aid, it was Iraqis.

In Syria, again, it has to be Syrians whom find their technique forward. Twenty-three million Syrians should discover their technique forward. We will enable, plus you are helping: $ 210 million inside humanitarian assistance, $ 50 million to aid the political opposition receive organized for your day following (Bashar) al-Assad goes. These are significant pieces of aid. However eventually, it’s not the American aid. It’s the Syrians themselves.

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